A glimpse of some memorable moments of my life…..

Through Tagore’s songs and poems, I can express all my inner feelings. When I am happy, sad or in trouble, I take shelter in Rabindranath. And I like to share that experience

Shama Rahman, one of the leading contemporary Tagore artistes, has carved a niche through her devotion to her medium. Her deep understanding of Tagore’s lyrics and tunes have won her fans at

Ms. Shama Rahman is from Bangladesh. She is a brilliant exponent of the songs of Rabindranath Tagore, the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize. Shama uses the Art form to build

1. Amare Karo Tomar Bina (আমারে করো তোমার বীণা) 2. Lukale Bolei (লুকালে বলেই) 3. Hridayete Path Ketechy (হৃদয়েতে পথ কেটেছি) 4. Mangalabarota (মঙ্গল বারতা)

Five Audio Albums from Tagore’s  Geetabitan produced under the auspices of  the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Paris to celebrate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Tagore.

Four Audio Albums from Gitanjali produced under the auspices of UNESCO, Paris, produced to celebrate Hundred Years on the Publications of Gitanjali

Hand written note by a 7 year old fan

Godhuligaganey Meghe Dhekechhilo Tara







  1. Abar Eshe Che Asard
  2. Megher Pore 
  3. Goduli Gogane 
  4. Mor Bhabona 
  5. Aji Godhuli Logane 
  6. Je Jhorer 
  7. Aji Jhorer Rate 
  8. Ami Tokhono 
  9. Chata Ghonai
  10. Utal Hawa 
  11. Palgla Hawa 
  12. Gahono Rate 
  13. Mone Holo
  14. Amar Din

Bichitra of Tagore


  1. Khalaghar Badhte Legechi
  2. Ami Keboli Swapano
  3. Ogo Tora Ke
  4. Amiiie Shudhu Roinu baki
  5. Amni Kore e
  6. Jonaki Ki Shukhe
  7. Ore Shabdhani Pathik
  8. Jakhan Porbe na Mor

Patriotic Songs- Tagore


  1. O Amar Desher Mati
  2. Jodi Tor Dak Shune
  3. Je Tomaye Chare Charuk
  4. Ami Marer Sagar
  5. Book Bedhe
  6. Ore Juger Bhore
  7. Sharthak Janamo
  8. Amar Shonar Bangla

Devotional Songs – Tagore


  1. Ganer Bhitor Diye
  2. Amare Tumi
  3. Majhe Majhe
  4. Oder Shathe Melao
  5. Amar Ai Poth Chaoyate
  6. Shukhe Amaye
  7. Amar Matha Nato Kore
  8. Dariye Acho

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